• Overland DIY

    Best Affordable Overland Gear

    What is the best Overland Gear for your first build? When building an Overlanding vehicle, the choices of overland gear & accessories are limitless. From rooftop tents, awnings, electric coolers to storage systems and portable showers, you have many options to consider. Many people know the phrase “GO BIG OR GO HOME”. As funny as it seems, that little saying definitely doesn’t apply to the overland lifestyle. You do not need to have the best gadgets and tools to enjoy being in the outdoors and exploring the land around you. We believe it is best to start off with simple things and not let price tags limit your ability to…

  • Black Canyon Lake Cove
    Camping,  Exploring Arizona

    Black Canyon Lake – Heber Arizona

    Why you should visit Black Canyon Lake in Heber Arizona When it heats up in the Phoenix area, we love to head north past Payson toward Heber and the Apache-Sitegraves National Park. There are so many forest roads to explore just outside of Payson and we have only experienced a small number of them . One of our favorite camping spots to beat the heat is located near Black Canyon Lake. Black Canyon Lake is located about 45 miles east of the city of Payson, Arizona on Forest Road 86,. This lake boasts many attractions including the Heber Wild Horses, fishing, kayaking, hiking and off-roading. Camping Accommodations As you first…

  • Heber Wild Horses
    Exploring Arizona

    Heber Wild Horses, Arizona

    If seeing the most amazing & beautifully wild horses is on your bucket list, you will want to visit the Black Canyon Lake area of the Mogollon Rim. This is the home of the Heber Arizona wild horses. Last weekend the family traveled north to explore the Black Canyon Lake area in Heber Arizona. Summer here in the Valley gets extremely hot and we wanted to take a break from the heat and go on an adventure. It is a 2 1/2 to 3-hour drive from the valley to Black Canyon Lake located on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona’s Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. This scenic drive starts in the desert with…

  • Camping Essentials for Family

    Top 10 Family Camping Essentials

    Not sure what to bring on your next camping trip? Are you starting to plan your next camping trip? What are the most valuable family camping essentials that you should bring with you? We would like to share with you our Top 10 camping essentials for families. Everyone knows the basics like tents, sleeping pads or cots, food, and cookware, but what are things that you must bring every time you go out, no matter where you go? We have put a list together for you of our Top 10 Family Camping Essentials that you will want to bring with you on your next adventure. This list of items is…

  • Flip Pop Tent by Front Runner TENT045

    Must Have Camping Supplies

    Our Quick Printable List of Camping Supplies Printable Camping Supplies List Everyone dreams about going camping.  You can just picture yourself relaxing in the great outdoors.  Looking out onto magnificent views while taking in the fresh crisp morning air. Then reality sets in.  You forgot your matches.  You can’t light your campfire.  Worse yet, you forgot the marshmallows for the smores!!!   You are miles from the nearest store.  Now what?   I hope this guide will help you stay relaxed and prepared for next camping trip.  Here is a quick list that we have compiled from around the web on the most important camping supplies to have on hand.  We also…

  • Camping with your Dogs- Tips and Tricks

    Camping With Your Dog

    Camping with Your Dog Most people consider their furry friends to be a very important part of their family.  For many, the thought of leaving Fido at home for extended vacations can be heartbreaking.  Since we have first-hand experience in this area, we put together a cheat sheet for camping with your dog.   With two dogs of our own, we have a hard time leaving them behind when we travel – whether it is for a couple of days or a couple of weeks.   It is stressful not only on us humans but for the dogs as well. Camping is a great way to include your dogs on your family…

  • Best Smoker Wood Chips
    Outdoor Smokers

    Best Wood Chips for a Smoker

    How to Choose the Best Wood Chips The art of using a smoker may seem confusing for a beginner.   With so many types of wood chips to choose from, we decided it would be a good idea to give you a list of the various types of wood chips available and the best uses for each one.  Some woodchips can be very overpowering for certain dishes.  You will want to know when and how to use each one. Mild woodchips are made from fruitwood such as pear, cherry, and apple.   They tend to give off a fruity flavor and pair perfectly with chicken, turkey, and fish. Then there are the…

  • Tonto National Monument
    Exploring Arizona

    Tonto National Monument

    Exploring the Tonto National Forest On our quest to explore the great American Southwest we recently ventured into the Tonto National Forest.   We headed out east on the 60 from Phoenix toward Globe, AZ.    The drive to the Tonto National Monument takes over 2 hours from Phoenix.   The scenery along this drive includes cactus, mesquite, creosote bushes and large rock formations in a vast array of color.  On the way you will see Saguaro Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus and the trickster of the cactus world the Cholla Cactus also known as the Teddy Bear Cactus (do not try to cuddle it) aka the Jumping Cactus.  Although this cactus looks soft and…