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Starting a blog is very much like going on an adventure in our Jeep.  The grand idea, with much preparation and careful planning, usually culminates into a few hours of thinking, driving, traveling out to some remote trailhead, then leaving the pavement, driving further out into the unknown wilderness……
Smitty Built Awning for Overland Adventures

Those Who Jeep Together, Stick Together

We are a Jeep family. We have owned many, many Jeeps. Which means we like to modify Jeeps and play with our human-sized Lego toys.  We like to explore and be outdoors. We like to mountain bike and hike too.  This is where the Bold Canyon Outdoors blog makes sense to us, and hopefully to you.

My name is Chris, and I have a Jeep problem.  Due to the constraints of being a very happily married father of two and gainfully employed man, I do not get to spend as much time outside as I’d like too.  My family is as adventurous as I am though…and the spare time that we do have after juggling jobs, school, piano, band, pets, friends and everything else is spent going on adventures.  We like to explore.  Whether on foot, two wheels or four, we explore…any chance we get.

I am the face behind the videos at Bold Canyon Outdoors.  If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably chatted with me at one time or another.  I love to share my love of Jeeps & the outdoors.  Part of my role here at Bold Canyon Outdoors is the point of contact for new sponsors, event coordinator, and social media marketer. 

Hello!  My name is Alanna.  One of my favorite things to do on the weekend, besides gardening, cooking, & photography,  is enjoying the great outdoors.  It always seems to call to me.  The best way to get lost is in a Jeep or other four wheel drive vehicle. My husband’s love for jeeps rubbed off on me the day we starting dating.  

Today, our kids are also in love with the jeep life and are fascinated with exploring the outdoors.  They never know where they will end up on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  We may end up exploring an old mine, a run down ghost town, or see a magnificent view from the top of a mountain.

Now that you know a little about me,  here is a little of what I do at Bold Canyon Outdoors.  I am sort of a “Jack of All Trades”.  I am the person behind the website & videos.  I design the site, write the blog posts, edit the videos, post our adventures to instagram and run our facebook page.  

Moving Into The Desert

We are from Washington State, and now we live in Arizona.  After many years exploring in Washington, we were very exited to be in a new land..albeit like standing on the face if the sun surrounded by plants and animals that want to kill you.  Everything has teeth and stingers and thorns in the desert! A few years ago, we decided to up and move out entire lives down here.  If you have never just said, “Hey, let’s sell the house, move 1800 miles away and start over!” I thoroughly encourage you to do so.  It always seems that we find ourselves locked into life, and it goes something like this:

Go to school. Get out of school. Get a job. Get a spouse. Get a house.  Have 2.3 kids and a dog. Have no time. Pay bills. Eventually retire. Sit and wonder where the time went.

We get it.  We do it too. We have responsibilities.  We just want to make sure the second half of our lives has some adventure in it.  The four of want to see stuff and go places and climb things and get lost!  Get lost. That can have a terrifying ring to it. I don’t mean it in the the way of a terrified child that has lost a parent at the county fair, or a dog wandering the streets cold and hungry.  I mean it as getting geared up, knowing which direction the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are, and GOING! Now let’s refer back to my opening comment…’much preparation and careful planning.’  When we go out on a day trip to the wild blue yonder, secretly like to think that maybe, just maybe, I’ll get really lost out there!  That’s why I bring all kinds of gear with me, from a compass, to food and water, to toilet paper and fire starting capability.

Black Canyon Lake

BE BOLD: Life is an Adventure!!

We love it. Whether we take a trip to the top of a mountain, or see ancient cave paintings, or just chase the sun for a day to see where it takes us, we love to get out an explore.  That is what this blog is about.  We want to take you on adventures with us.  We want to share our tips and tricks, Jeep and bike modifications, food ideas, travel spots, and the love of the next great adventure with you…the first reader of our new blog.

So here we are. And there you are.  Welcome to Bold Canyon Outdoors.  Where to next?