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Nextbase Dash Cam Comparisions

Nextbase Dash Cam Comparison & Review

If you follow us on Youtube, you will see we have been testing out these dash cams for close to ...
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Explore the Reymert (DeNoon), Arizona Ghost Town

DeNoon Kilns We recently ventured out in the desert east of Phoenix to explore the Reymert, AZ Ghost Town. This ...
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The Crack natural formation near Superior Arizona

Exploring The CRACK Near Superior, Arizona

As you know, we love to explore Arizona. Sometimes we plan out in advance where we are going and sometimes ...
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Haunted Historic Pinal Cemetery


We just got back from visiting the Historic Pinal Cemetery near Superior Arizona. It was not the trip, video, or ...
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Hotel Rockland, Sasco Arizona

Exploring Ironwood National Monument, Sasco & The Silver Bell Cemetary

When searching for satellite photos and maps, we find all kinds of interesting things to seek out in the desert ...
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Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak

Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak Recipe

Taco Night with Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak We are a family that just LOVES our tacos & burritos. Most ...
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Wagon Wheel Track - Superior Arizona

Old Mining Wagon Wheel Tracks in Superior Arizona

Sometimes you come across the most unexpected things when you are out exploring.  The other day, I was scouring the ...
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Roasted Red Pepper Recipe Dehydrated

Dehydrated Roasted Red Pepper Spread

With things coming to a slow down the last few weeks, we have a little more time to get creative ...
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Bulldog Canyon Trail, Arizona

Bulldog Canyon Trail, Arizona

Last week, we took the family on the Bulldog Canyon Trail located just North of Apache Junction, Arizona. The kids ...
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Off-Road Trail Schnebly Hill in Sedona Arizona

Last week we headed for the hills. Literally. We met up with a group of outdoor enthusiasts for a drive ...
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Ajax Mine Arizona

The Abandoned Ajax Mine – Arizona Ghost Mines

It seems that we are always up for an adventure. Since we moved here 5 years ago we have made ...
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Canyon State Overland Non Profit

2019 Off-Road & Camping Expo Video

If you missed out on the 2019 Off-Road & Camping Expo, well you are in luck. We got you covered ...
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Beef & Vegetable Stew One Pot Camp Meal

Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Recipe

We love comfort food. I mean really, who doesn't. On cold raining days when we are up in the mountains ...
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One Pot Meal - Camp Skillet Recipe

One Pot Meal – Camp Skillet Recipe

This Camp Skillet Recipe is one of our favorites when we go camping. It is simple to make with just ...
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Top 10 Recovery Gear Kits Compared

Recovery Gear Series: 10 Most Popular Off-Road Recovery Kits Compared​

10 Most Popular Off-Road Recovery Kits Compared The type of recovery gear kits you need depends on your offroad capabilities, ...
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Offroad Recovery Gear Kit

Recovery Gear Series: Off-Road Recovery Kits

This is the first of many articles that will teach you about different types of Off-Road Recovery Kits.  In this ...
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Tire Maintenance

Tire Maintenance Checklist: Staying Safe on the Road

How do you know if your tires are safe? Use our Tire Maintenance Checklist: Whether you are venturing offroad or ...
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Portable Air Compressor to Air Down Tires

Should You Air Down for Offroad Trails?

Why Air Down For Off-Road Travel? When traveling off-road you want to have as much traction as possible for climbing ...
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Camping Toilet Setup

Top 5 Camping Toilet Setup Ideas

What do you do when nature calls? When you are out in the bush on a week-long excursion or even ...
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Smitty Built Awning for Overland Adventures

Overland Lifestyle – A Quick Guide

What you need to know about the Overland lifestyle Overlanding is a growing niche in the offroad and camping markets ...
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