• Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak

    Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak Recipe

    Taco Night with Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak We are a family that just LOVES our tacos & burritos. Most people have heard of Taco Tuesdays….. we take that to a new level. We enjoy taco Monday, taco Tuesday, taco Wednesday, taco Thursday…. you get the picture. This Orange Marinated Grilled Flank Steak is one of our favorite ingredients for our tacos. When it comes to making Mexican food, we definitely do not mess around. Everything is made from scratch including the tortillas, beans & rice. The marinade is a tasty mix that includes garlic, onion flakes, lime juice, fresh orange, and a touch of honey. You can easily customize…

  • Roasted Red Pepper Recipe Dehydrated

    Dehydrated Roasted Red Pepper Spread

    With things coming to a slow down the last few weeks, we have a little more time to get creative with a few of our favorite recipes. This dehydrated Roasted Red Pepper Spread recipe was adapted from the original Ball Roasted Red Pepper Spread. Since I just happened to have some peppers in the freezer from last fall, I decided to try a version of the recipe that we can easily take with us camping. This spread is sooo delicious on sandwiches and burgers. To make the Dehydrated Roasted Red Pepper Spread, you just need a few simple ingredients. It is a great way to use up extra produce from…

  • Beef & Vegetable Stew One Pot Camp Meal

    Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Recipe

    We love comfort food. I mean really, who doesn’t. On cold raining days when we are up in the mountains camping, nothing hits the spot like this Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Recipe. This recipe is simple to make and easy to customize. See how to make it in the video: Great for gluten-free & dairy-free diets This camping recipe can be adapted for a gluten-free meal and is dairy-free. It is the perfect recipe for those who are on a strict diet, yet want to eat delicious camp food. This stew is easily customizable The Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Meal can easily be customized to fit…