One Pot Meal - Camp Skillet Recipe

One Pot Meal – Camp Skillet Recipe

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This Camp Skillet Recipe is one of our favorites when we go camping. It is simple to make with just a few easy ingredients with little cleanup which is a bonus when you are out in the bush.

This recipe is easy to modify with whatever veggies you prefer. You can easily add in some peas, broccoli, beets, parsnips or whatever you happen to have on hand in your cooler.

I am a huge fan of dehydrating fresh greens. Every year we grow a large garden full of swiss chard, spinach, kale… and you can’t forget about our fabulous Moringa Trees. Each spring I dry enough super greens to last us throughout the year. We like to sprinkle them on almost every meal we make – from pizza to salads. It is a perfect way to add some extra nutrition to your meals when you are out camping.

If you do not have access to these ingredients, never fear. You can purchase some of them on Amazon:

These ingredients themselves do not add a lot of extra flavor to your meal. So if you don’t have access to these powders, you can leave them out of the recipe.

One Pot Meal – Camp Skillet Recipe Video

Here is a video recipe of the Camp Skillet from one of our recent camping trips. See how we made it:

In the video, you will see us using the Alpha Outpost Kitchen Utensil. This came in their box called “The Hades Box “. We are loving all their camping gear. It’s like Christmas every time a new box arrives. If you have been following along, I am sure you will see a lot of the gear being used in our videos and talked about in our posts.

To download a recipe card for the Camp Skillet:

We will be posting articles in the future about dehydrating techniques. It is a great way to pack light easy meals for camping and Overlanding trips. Make sure to subscribe and be the first to receive information about our newest posts on Bold Canyon Outdoors.

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