• Ajax Mine Arizona
    Exploring Arizona

    The Abandoned Ajax Mine – Arizona Ghost Mines

    It seems that we are always up for an adventure. Since we moved here 5 years ago we have made it our mission to explore all the cool wonders of Arizona. We started out with a decent size list of things we wanted to see and we have been checking it off almost every weekend. That includes the abandoned Ajax Mine. Most of our adventures seem to take us on remote backroads. Luckily we have a modestly lifted Jeep / daily driver that can take us pretty much anywhere we want to go, including the abandoned Ajax Mine. Ajax Mine History In its glory days, the Ajax mine was primarily…

  • Canyon State Overland Non Profit

    2019 Off-Road & Camping Expo Video

    If you missed out on the 2019 Off-Road & Camping Expo, well you are in luck. We got you covered. We attended the event for you and created a little video at the bottom with the highlights of the event. There were over 60 Vendors that attended the event. The 2019 Off-Road & Camping Expo included a variety of vendors from Rugged Radios, to 4 Wheel Parts and a great nonprofit called Canyon State Overland. There were games for the kids, an RTI ramp competition for the adults, and lots of toys, gear and equipment for any outdoor adventure you could think of. A little About Canyon State Overland Canyon…

  • Beef & Vegetable Stew One Pot Camp Meal

    Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Recipe

    We love comfort food. I mean really, who doesn’t. On cold raining days when we are up in the mountains camping, nothing hits the spot like this Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Recipe. This recipe is simple to make and easy to customize. See how to make it in the video: Great for gluten-free & dairy-free diets This camping recipe can be adapted for a gluten-free meal and is dairy-free. It is the perfect recipe for those who are on a strict diet, yet want to eat delicious camp food. This stew is easily customizable The Beef & Vegetable Stew One-Pot Camping Meal can easily be customized to fit…

  • Top 10 Recovery Gear Kits Compared
    Offroad Tips & Tricks

    Recovery Gear Series: 10 Most Popular Off-Road Recovery Kits Compared​

    10 Most Popular Off-Road Recovery Kits Compared The type of recovery gear kits you need depends on your offroad capabilities, style and frequency.  To understand the equipment included in most of these kits check out our article on Choosing A Recovery Kit.  To make it easier to decide on what recovery kit is right for you, we compared 10 of the most popular kits.   Our posts may contain affiliate links, if you purchase something from one of our links we may earn a small commission, doesn’t cost you any more but helps us to bring you more great adventures, products, and savings. Recovery Kit Gear Comparisons We compared 10 recovery…

  • Offroad Recovery Gear Kit
    Offroad Tips & Tricks

    Recovery Gear Series: Off-Road Recovery Kits

    This is the first of many articles that will teach you about different types of Off-Road Recovery Kits.  In this article, you will learn what equipment is included in a basic kit, and what each part is used for.  We will be reviewing different brands so you can decide which products are right for you. Everyone has a different style when it comes to the off-road lifestyle. Some like to wander down forest roads, others like to test their skills on the toughest trails in Moab. The gear that you purchase has to fit your ambitions and we are here to help you make those decisions.

  • Tire Maintenance
    Offroad Tips & Tricks

    Tire Maintenance Checklist: Staying Safe on the Road

    How do you know if your tires are safe? Use our Tire Maintenance Checklist: Whether you are venturing offroad or cruising down the highway, you want to make sure your tires are up to par. By following this simple Tire Maintenance Checklist you can feel secure knowing you your rig and your traveling companions will arrive safely at your destination. In order to get the most value out of your tires, you will want to go over this Tire Maintenence Checklist monthly: 1. Check Tire Pressure By maintaining the correct tire pressure, you can maximize the tire’s life on your vehicle. Underinflated tires can cause flexing and cracking in the…

  • Portable Air Compressor to Air Down Tires
    Offroad Tips & Tricks

    Should You Air Down for Offroad Trails?

    Why Air Down For Off-Road Travel? When traveling off-road you want to have as much traction as possible for climbing obstacles and to make the trip a little more comfortable for yourself and your traveling companions. By airing down your tires you can attain both of these goals in just a few minutes. Find out what tools we recommend to air down your tires in minutes. Follow along. While it is recommended to drive on the pavement with full tire pressure for safety and gas efficiency, the opposite may be required when rolling down a dirt road. By airing down your tires, you create more surface area to help you…

  • Camping Toilet Setup

    Top 5 Camping Toilet Setup Ideas

    What do you do when nature calls? When you are out in the bush on a week-long excursion or even just an overnighter, what do you prefer? A small bush, a lone pine tree, or an open prairie. I don’t know about you, but these things are a little easier for the guys to handle. Me, personally, well I am in love with our new pop-up privacy tent and folding toilet chair. Here are the top ways to set up your outdoor camping toilets: Our posts may contain affiliate links, if you purchase something from one of our links we may earn a small commission, doesn’t cost you any more…

  • Smitty Built Awning for Overland Adventures
    Overland DIY

    Overland Lifestyle – A Quick Guide

    What you need to know about the Overland lifestyle Overlanding is a growing niche in the offroad and camping markets. People want an easy low maintenance way to get out of the house and into the wild. What exactly is it that allures us to want to take a minimalist route to camping and discovery? To answer this question, we have put a quick guide to Overlanding together. This is what pulled us into the lifestyle. The overland lifestyle allows us to go on minimalist affordable vacations So what does that mean exactly? A couple of years ago we were in search of a small affordable pop-up trailer. One thing…