• Reymert-Denoon-Ghost-Town
    Exploring Arizona

    Explore the Reymert (DeNoon), Arizona Ghost Town

    We recently ventured out in the desert east of Phoenix to explore the Reymert, AZ Ghost Town. This is the only smelter complex that used to service the Reymert Mine. The direction signs all say Reymert, but it turns out this ghost town is actually the remains of a town called DeNoon. The mining town of Reymert was located about 2 miles east, has been completely destroyed, and there is now a privately owned mining operation on the former townsite. James DeNoon Reymert founded the town of Reymert in 1887, and the post office was established in 1890 but discontinued in 1891. He also founded the adjacent town of DeNoon,…

  • The Crack natural formation near Superior Arizona
    Exploring Arizona

    Exploring The CRACK Near Superior, Arizona

    As you know, we love to explore Arizona. Sometimes we plan out in advance where we are going and sometimes we wing it. Well on our last outing, we accidentally discovered an area that is referred to as THE CRACK. We did not set out to find The Crack, but we saw a small trail sign that mentioned it, so off we went in search of The Crack, Arizona, hoping that we weren’t headed to a colossal plumbing joke. Come with us as we explore THE CRACK near Superior, Arizona. The Crack is located between Queen Valley Az and Superior Arizona, right in the middle of nowhere. We had no…