The Crack natural formation near Superior Arizona
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Exploring The CRACK Near Superior, Arizona

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As you know, we love to explore Arizona. Sometimes we plan out in advance where we are going and sometimes we wing it. Well on our last outing, we accidentally discovered an area that is referred to as THE CRACK. We did not set out to find The Crack, but we saw a small trail sign that mentioned it, so off we went in search of The Crack, Arizona, hoping that we weren’t headed to a colossal plumbing joke. Come with us as we explore THE CRACK near Superior, Arizona.

Located in the Bright Spot on the Map

The Crack is located between Queen Valley Az and Superior Arizona, right in the middle of nowhere. We had no idea what to expect when we found it. We were thinking maybe a rock formation or a deep gulch of some sort. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we came upon this unique natural phenomenon in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Video of our Adventure to THE CRACK

Here is a link to more information & maps from the group that maintains these trails: Tonto Recreation Alliance

“The Crack” is located just on the other side of the jeep, just off the main trail

What we know about THE CRACK.

Research has turned up almost nothing on The Crack. We learned of it form the Hewitt Station OHV Trail map shown above, but haven’t been able to find information other than that. The trail leading to it sent us up very steep climbs to 4000 feet of elevation, along a hilly ridge, and into the heart of the desert. There may have been an easier route, but we didn’t see it on the map. Had it not been for the trail crossing a dip at the northernmost part of The Crack, we may have missed it as there are no signs.

When we arrived, we saw a shallow trench to the south of the dip and assumed we were in the right place. We jumped out of the Jeep and found the further we walked, the deeper The Crack got! A few hundred yards down, we found a spot where we could climb into The Crack and walk through it. We were immediately taken aback by the unique landscape. it was like we were on another planet!

Inside “The Crack”

When you look closely at the canyon walls, you will notice petrified wood encased in the stone. There are some large pieces, and many small chunks suspended in what seems like a calcified or limestone wall. The crack itself deepens to 10-12 feet in spots. It starts at almost nothing where we crossed it at the north end, deepens in the middle, and ends at a wash at the south end.

We will definitely be back to The Crack to do some more exploring. When we do, we hope to bring you as much information as we can about this geological oddity.

If you know more about “The Crack” near Superior, Az please leave your comments below. We would love to learn more.

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