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We just got back from visiting the Historic Pinal Cemetery near Superior Arizona. It was not the trip, video, or blog post we intended to create from this adventure. Things got weird. Now we are wondering if the Pinal Historic Cemetary is haunted.

About the Historic Pinal Cemetery & Mattie Earp

Mattie Earp's Grave Marker
Celia Baylock aka Mattie Earp

We left the house about 8 this morning to visit the graveyard for a second time. We had a quick visit there a few weeks ago and wanted to go back to do a video of the area. The Pinal Historic Cemetery is where Mattie Earp’s Grave is located. We love old Arizona history, especially the old west, and wanted to go pay her a visit.

There are 42 known gravesites at the Pinal Historic Cemetary but possibly over 100 unmarked graves here. Celia Blaylock “Mattie Earp” was originally buried in an unmarked grave. There is a headstone at the cemetery in her memory, but her actual location at the site is unknown.

Historic Pinal Cemetery Gravestone
Marked Grave at the Historic Pinal Cemetery

This post was supposed to include the history of the area and information about the people buried at the site. I may do a second post soon with more history for you. Today was just too weird not to explain it in more detail.

Our first trip to the graveyard.

Our first experience at the site was a little eerie toward the back corner of the cemetery. Our daughter was the first to venture into that area of the graveyard and she said it seemed a little off and was difficult to breathe, kind of felt like you were drowning. After a visit to the back of the graveyard with her, we were all suddenly struck with goosebumps and the hair on our arms & legs stood up on end.

We knew then that we had to go back when we had some more time to hang around and do a video for all of you. Everything started out great as we left the house. We recorded the introduction on the way out to superior about doing a film on the Pinal Historic Cemetery and Mattie Earp along with some local history.

Then, Our Second Trip Just Got WEIRD

Upon arriving at the site, I (Alanna) took some video of the Jeep arriving at the Historic Pinal Cemetery. You can hear some white noise that was recorded on the iPhone camera I was using. After we were all out of the Jeep, we filmed some snippets to make the video more interesting. In some of these snippets, we heard strange clicking sounds and sections of “white noise” being recorded on the audio. (We did not realize these sounds were recorded while we were filming. It wasn’t until after the trip and put the footage on the computer.

Near the back of the cemetery.  2 marked graves

We decided to venture to the back of the cemetery to the strange area we encountered on our first trip out. Again, we felt some cold spots and some goosebumps in the same location, but not quite as extreme as on our first visit.

We hung around and took video for about 30 minutes or so. Since it was over 100 degrees outside, our phones kept overheating so we had to film small increments at a time, switching between Chris’s phone and mine.

Before we decided it was time to pack up and head home, we wanted one more try in that back area to see if we felt anything really strange. That is when it happened. Chris was filming the area and I was standing right next to him. His phone FLEW out of his hand and made a huge arc about 9 feet in the air and landed about 15-20 feet away from where we were standing.

We both ran back to the Jeep like scared little girls, grabbed the kids, and headed home. We cannot explain what happened. You will have to watch the video to decide for yourself. If you decide to take a trip out that way let us know and maybe we will tag along to experience the place again from someone else’s perspective.

After our first trip, we had talked about going to visit the cemetery at night. Pretty sure that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. We are both slightly shaken from the experience and have no explanation for it. The clicking and white noise could be possibly due to the nearby power lines. Maybe, maybe not.

Again, this was not the video and post we were planning on making for you guys. It was just too weird not to share what happened.

If you have strange experiences at the Pinal Historic Cemetery, please let us know your story so we can prove to ourselves that we are not insane!

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