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Off-Road Trail Schnebly Hill in Sedona Arizona

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Last week we headed for the hills. Literally. We met up with a group of outdoor enthusiasts for a drive to Sedona Arizona. We were planning on running the Broken Arrow Trail. But things do not always go as planned. We ended up on the off-road trail Schnebly hill and was able to earn a Jeep Badge of Honor.

Broken Arrow Trail, Sedona AZ . Rigs gather for an Off-Road Selfie.
Off-Road Selfie Time

Broken Arrow Lives Up To Its Name

When we arrived at the Broken Arrow Trail, one of our buddies was starting to have some transmission issues and had to return home. We were with a few other rigs, some built, some stock. Some of us decided to head over to the Schnebly Hill Road. A trail that can accommodate ‘almost’ any rig.

The Schnebly Hill Trail – A Piece of Sedona History

The Schnebly Hill trail is one of the only roads in Arizona that can qualify for a badge of honor from Jeep. Whether you are in a Jeep, a Toyota or a Land Cruiser, this trail has a little of something for everyone.

This road has a very interesting history. The trail was created by Jim Mund as a cattle trail. Later around 1902, a team was granted money to improve the trail. Later, a local by the name of Carl Schnebly and his wife Sedona used the road to transport goods and lumber between Oak Creek and Flagstaff. Soon the route became known as Schnebly Hill. For more information on the fascinating history of the area check out this article:

Sedona, Arizona from DesertUSA.com

Our Jeep heading up the trail.
Heading up the trail.

A View Of Sedona From The Top

When you start nearing the top of the trail, you will see the Merry-Go-Round. This awesome outcrop is where you will see part of the Munds Trail. From here there is a fantastic view of the valley all the way down to Sedona. If you can’t make it up here in your own vehicle, check out one of the many Jeep tours that frequent this trail.

Stopped the Jeep on the Schnebly Hill Road to take in some views.
Stopped to take in a gorgeous view.
The top of the Munds Trail at the "Merry Go Round"
The top of the Munds Trail at the “Merry Go Round”
A View from the Merry-Go-Round in Sedona, Arizona
View from the Top “Merry-Go-Round”

On to Flagstaff

The Schnebly Hill trail is a fairly easy road that leads from the heart of Sedona up to Flagstaff. The scenery changes dramatically from red rock to pine forest. Once you crest the very top, you start to see campsites, thick treed areas, and peaceful forests.

Beautiful red rocks outside of Sedona.
Just “WOW”
Sedona Arizona Red Rocks
Jeep heading up Schnebly Hill Trail
Upward and Onward
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