Flip Pop Tent by Front Runner TENT045

Must Have Camping Supplies

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Our Quick Printable List of Camping Supplies

Printable Camping Supplies List

Everyone dreams about going camping.  You can just picture yourself relaxing in the great outdoors.  Looking out onto magnificent views while taking in the fresh crisp morning air.

Flip Pop Tent by Front Runner TENT045

Then reality sets in.  You forgot your matches.  You can’t light your campfire.  Worse yet, you forgot the marshmallows for the smores!!!  

You are miles from the nearest store.  Now what?  

I hope this guide will help you stay relaxed and prepared for next camping trip.  Here is a quick list that we have compiled from around the web on the most important camping supplies to have on hand.  We also include some others that may just come in handy.

Most important things you do NOT want to forget:

  • Emergency/First Aid Kit
  • Matches / Lighter / Flint
  • Sleeping Bags – Extra Blanket – Pillow
  • Extra Tarp – can be used under your tent to help keep it dry or to protect tents, people and equipment if a storm hits.
  • A Pot /Pan /Dutch Oven for cooking and heating water. For some people not having Coffee can be considered a life or death emergency.  If that’s the case, see next item.
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Cooking Utensil – to avoid stirring or flipping your meals with you hands or a stick.
  • Sharp Knife – good for preparing food, cutting rope, removing slivers, cutting twigs, whittling, making spears – you never know…
  • Lantern / Flashlight – wandering around in the dark in the middle of the night to submit to the call of the wild is not fun. TRUST ME!!
  • Food & Extra Water- should be a no brainer but you never know
  • Toilet Paper
  • Trash Bag – Pack it In => Pack it Ou’

Make your trip easier with these simple tips:

  • Small compact packs of spices
  • Bring Doritos or Fritos for fire starters
  • Foil comes in handy for cooking and storing food
  • Zipper Bags for food storage and keep items dry
  • Camping Pad or Air Mattress to keep rocks from digging into your back
  • If bringing pets, make sure to have extra rope or tie outs if there are leash laws in your campsite and to keep your dogs safe.
  • Hammock  –  you came to relax, no better way.
  • LED lights are less likely to attract bugs including mosquitos
  • Buy a runner rug to put down the middle of your tent to help keep it clean

Great TIP:  To make your own fire starter purchase a large fire log.  Cut this into small pieces and use to start your campfire.

Great TIP #2:   Pack your stuff in plastic totes/bins.  This will keep your belongings dry and can store them outside of the tent.

Great TIP #3:  Remember, the more stuff you drag out into the wilderness with you, the more time you have to spend setting up and then packing up. 

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